Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get Crafty!

During the month of October the Madewell store in Soho will be hosting an artist workshop every Saturday! Come on by and get a soft v-neck tee or a colorful scarf uniquely crafted!! The above article is from the new September issue of Elle, check it out for more info!


Jimmy! said...

Whoa, awesome, you're in Elle.

Gary said...

It is not only cool seeing you in Elle, but even cooler that the piece I own is shown in the article. Way to go Elisabeth!!

Lis Timpone said...

Hi Gary! that is neat! which piece do you own? is it the one with the wolf and the nest? Have a wonderful weekend.

Gary said...

Hey Lis!! is the one with the bird and nest titled "Atop a Branch, Atop a Nest"..I picked it up at GRSF when I still lived in the bay area. I absolutely love ur work and would love to get more. I live in Vegas now, though, and not a lot of shows here. Do you ever do prints? Do you do commissions? What upcoming shows do you have lined up and will they be available online? Any information about ways to get a hold of more of your work for my walls would be great!!

Also, just to let you know, I started a thread on you on a great forum I read called The Artchival Board. Alot of great collectors on this board and several of them had nice things to say. Check it out at
You should post info on youself on it for people to hear about ur work!!

Thanks for the great artwork!!

Lis Timpone said...

Hi Gary! you should email me at and I can let you know about upcoming shows and send you new pieces when they become available. thanks so much for you interest! I really appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon.

ABBY LOW said...

What!? So exciting. I can't believe this is finally happening. I've been a little out of the loop (but still doing the monthly stuff for Madewell).

Hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

Congrats seƱorita artista!
♥Queen Dita

teresa said...

My mother in law was so enamored by your work in the elle piece that she sent us a clipping. I couldn't make it to the shop last week, so I was wondering if you sell your work on Etsy or elsewhere.