Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Come celebrate the arrival of Eagle Street Rooftop Farms new chickens on Sunday, May 23rd. Their will be a lecture series on urban chicken keeping at 2pm with an amazing panel of speakers from Just Food, Brooklyn Honey, BK Farmyards, and a very special guest and my friend Mr. Orren Fox whom many of you might know from my other posts about him and his flock of birds! If you are a baker or just a lover of all things pie, then join us afterwards to help raise money for the new chicks in town. Bring along your fav pie and get in free or bring your appetite and eat as much pie as you want for $10! Rooftop Farms is located at 44 Eagle Street BK, NY. Hope to see you there!

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fabiely said...

What font did you use to do the poster? or those are illustrations???